Dioxin quality control
Date£º 2011/8/19   China Bohigh

Dioxin£¬Which is colorless, odorless and toxicity, but soluble substances. It's a cancer hazard to people, and also considered the No1 carcinogen,  well-known for its ability to damage the immune system and interfere with hormonal systems. Besides, exposure to dioxin can also cause severe reproductive and developmental problems.

The major sources of Dioxin are in our diet, which is mainly intake from beef, fish, pork, poultry and eggs. Therefore, zinc sulphate as a supplementary mineral elements, used for feed additive and fertilizer of animal and plant,  We Bohihg Zinc Product insisting on the control strictly with the content of product proactive.

The result show our quality is fully meet the requirements of Natioanl Standard, and Guest could have much confidence to Bohigh's product.


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