How to use fertilizer zinc sulfate granule?
Date£º 2015/9/24   China Bohigh

Particle zinc fertilizer product packaging: 25/50kg composite plastic woven bags with various specifications and means of packing materials products, 1 kg of particle zinc fertilizer, 200 grams, 400 grams of particles of zinc fertilizer
Application method of granular zinc fertilizer:
Broadcast: in rice transplanting, throwing 7-10 days after living Dou mu 200g-500g mix urea 15-20 jins uniform broadcast, or in seedling transplanting period 7-10 days before seedbed applicator, late maturing rice use half the!
2. Basic fertilizer as base fertilizer, mu with the 200 grams and 1000 grams, and compound fertilizer are evenly mixed application, not with mixed fertilizer application. In general, the applicator, furrow, banding, the two way.
3. As topdressing, Mu this product 200 grams - 500 grams, mixing with a proper amount of fine soil uniform broadcast, fruit trees according to age and size per plant 15-30 grams, take the canopy open annular groove with watering buried facilities.
1 in a cool dry and out of reach of children, to prevent eating!
2 base fertilizer application will not buried in the soil, rice seedling field drying time according to the application, as soon as possible!
3 base fertilizer, fertilizer applicator can only choose one, and the next year was not excessive, and uniform application!
4 the application of measurement according to local conditions and application of zinc deficiency in soil of different crops and escalation!
Particles of zinc fertilizer transport storage: stored in a cool, dry place, moistureproof, sunscreen, rainproof, anti tear, ban and toxic and harmful goods storage!
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