Bohigh zinc fertilizer demonstration base "demonstration base of zinc rich rice"
Date 2016/10/26   China Bohigh

As the International Zinc Association and the Ministry of agriculture only trace mineral elements specified fertilizer (zinc fertilizer) brand, Bohigh as early as in many years ago has established its own zinc fertilizer demonstration base, to give customers a good showing our zinc sulfate product efficacy at the same time, but also to the same industry set up a tree a demonstration effect of super high level.

The Bohigh group's parent company - Jiangxi Bao Hai micro regeneration Polytron Technologies Inc in Lianhua County of Pingxiang city also set up their own "zinc rich rice demonstration base", in the base of the growth of rice seedling roots, excellent, thickset.

Then look at the figure did not add zinc fertilizer rice map (live shoot)

With the Zinc Sulfate Granules bohigh zinc watermelon, 15 days ahead of a city, a large watermelon rind, crisp, sweet taste.

In recent years, the application of zinc fertilizer, the facts have proved that the application of zinc fertilizer, can promote the growth of crops, fruit growing crops, enhance cold resistance, disease resistance, early exit, yield increase, improve the quality of farm products. Therefore, can be widely used in Zinc Fertilizer on rice, wheat, corn, cotton, canola, vegetables, soybean, peanut, potato, tobacco, tomato, apple, peach, orange, and other crops.
In short, to crop is good, the most important scientific supplement. From the analysis of the development trend of China's fertilizer, zinc fertilizer is toward release, special, standard, fine direction, with the popularization and application of various zinc compound fertilizer, will lead to a "zinc" revolution of crop fertilization.


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